furniture for the journey of life

Hands to work, hearts to God.
— American Shakers

The Idea

shopdogusa was founded, in spirit, on the small porch of a third-floor apartment. As newlyweds, we had a new apartment to furnish, and I decided to build what we needed. The first achievement was a modest little step stool. A set of benches, built in the driveway satisfied another need. Tables, beds, shelves, window seats, and picture frames followed as our family grew and my military career took us to a dozen different homes. More than 25 years later, we still have that first foot stool.  

Style & Quality

Style:  shopdogusa furniture is a mashup of Scandinavian design and mountain influences with a little shaker thrown into the mix.  Clean lines, subtle curves, minimal adornment, and the unique character of the wood result in casually sophisticated pieces. 

Quality: shopdogusa is committed to using only the finest materials. I don't waste my time or your money on inferior wood, cheap hardware, or toxic finishes. We source only local or American-made materials. 

100% Handmade

Every piece I make is handcrafted. I pay particular attention to the grain of the wood so unique characteristics are integrated into a charmingly authentic, one-of-a-kind piece. If you were to visit my shop, you would see a 'feather' in the rough-cut barn wood intentionally placed on the back wall.  The swirls in the floor under your feet? Each was carefully positioned. I bring the same attention to detail to each piece that I make.