furniture for the journey of life


Each piece of wood is carefully selected for color, character, and quality. We use locally sourced wood from western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, and reclaimed wood is used on occasion when available and appropriate for the project. 


We research every finish very carefully and avoid chemicals of any kind.  Our favorite finishes are beeswax, organic flaxseed oil, and FDA approved mineral oil. Soft finishes like these are people friendly and offer a low-key finish that is easy to maintain. 


We are not Amazon. When you place your order, we carefully select the wood for your project paying careful attention to the grain, color, and special characteristics of each piece. Our furniture is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail which takes time. You can expect a piece to take four to six weeks to produce and we will keep you informed if delays occur. The final product will be worth the wait!